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My name is Stephen Escalera. I am a guy saved out of bondage to sin by God’s awesome grace through the atoning death of his son, Jesus Christ. By His strength, I try to view everything in life through this lens. My beautiful wife and four children are often the subjects of my rambling posts, but they don’t seem to mind. Either that or they don’t read my blog.

What do I write about? Stick around and you’ll see posts covering a wide range of topics. Theologically, I am Reformed and baptistic in doctrine, with a dash of charismaticism thrown in for kicks. A couple of regular features of this blog are: Music Monday, where I’ll post a video or link to a song that has been of particular interest to me (it won’t always be necessarily of the “Christian” variety, so be prepared); and Book Review Fridays, where I’ll review a book that I’ve read. If you have a particular book that you’d be interested in having me review, feel free to contact me at eskypades@gmail.com. All of my reviews are also posted on Amazon.com.

Thanks for stopping by!


10 Responses

  1. Wow. This is cool! I saw your post on the fundies blog and here I am. yep… I did go to MCA. I remember you (although I don’t remember if I was a jerk to you in HS or not… if so please forgive me!!). So, sounds like we are pretty much in the same place theologically. That’s great! Feel free to stop at my blog. it’s nothing special. I don’t know if you remember Sho McKinley and Lynlee Hood, but they sometimes comment at my blog. Say hello!

  2. Stephen,

    Want to download a file from Librivos to a CD so that I can listen to it in my car. I attempted to download a copy but it is a compressed file and not sure how I am able to burn it to a CD. Could you advise please.

    Librivos appears to be a great website for audio recordings.

    Interested in hearing more.

    Grace to you,

    • Hi Joe,

      You might need to download the file as an mp3 and then burn it to a CD in audio format (not mp3 format). There are many CD players for cars that do not support mp3 format. If this doesn’t work, try asking your question on the Librivox forum. I’ve found that the folks there are pretty helpful, knowledgeable and quick in response.

      Glad to hear you are enjoying Librivox!

  3. Hi,

    i wanted to ask you if u could add Sven Lindqvist’s book “exterminate all the brutes” to your reading list. It would be great, if u could make an audio version of it for Librivox. This book is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read in my life!. I have listened to your voice in A. Smith’s Wealth of Nations and your voice is really nice to listen to. U are the best reader i can imagine for S. Lindqvist.

    best regards

    • Hi chapultepec,

      I’m very glad you are enjoying Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. Thank you for the encouragement and feedback. It is very much appreciated.

      Unfortunately, Librivox readers only record books that are not copyrighted and are in the public domain. For the most part, that means we cannot record anything published after 1923. Lindqvist’s book was published in 1997 and therefore not in the public domain.

      Thanks again,

      • thanks for your answer. Just one last question: Would you be interested in adding S. Lindqvist book to your reading list? I would like to read your opinion about it or your review of it

  4. Hi, Stephen.

    Thanks for reading Adam Smith. I have been listening routinely, while I cook dinner. The book has changed how I look at the world. Your reading has made Smith’s monumental tomes as accessible as the fridge.

    Now that I am approaching your completed sections, I just wanted to cheer you on!

    All the best.


    • Norm,

      Thank you very much for your encouragement. I am honored that you have enjoyed listening to the recording. I hope to continue the recordings later this month after purchasing a replacement for my (broken) mic. Thank you again for your kind words. You’ve certainly made my day!

      With gratefulness

  5. I’ve appreciated your Librivox recordings of Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners by Bunyan and The Mortification of Sin by Owen.

  6. Thank for your reading of John Owen’s book, on the mortification of sin. It is changing my life. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to do this and I pray God will continue to bless you.

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