The Piano Guys

There is something so rich and beautiful about the cello and when combined with the versatility of the piano, you get some very incredible music.  But without any feeling for the music, it is simply squiggles on a page being transformed into sound.  Add passion and what comes from the fingertips is music – art coming alive.  It can convey the lightheartedness of a summer’s day, the longing for a loved one or the depth of religious devotion.

This is what I love about The Piano Guys – their passion for their art.  It’s more than just listening to their music, it’s watching them play.  Both Jon Schmidt (piano) and Steven Sharp Nelson (cello) get so wrapped up in their art that it almost feels like I am intruding on some private moment just watching them play.  I’ve tried to determine which is my favorite music video of theirs, but every time I think I have it narrowed down, another facet will appear in another video that makes me sure that THAT one is the best.

For example, as I watch Nearer My God to Thee, I’m struck by the beauty both of the music and the scenery around Nelson.  I am so thankful God has not only gifted individuals to create such beautiful music but that we in turn have been gifted with being able to enjoy it.  I feel the song drawing me nearer to God in an appreciation and love for Him and his glory.

Another beautifully done piece is Bring Him Home featuring both Schmidt and Nelson.  It’s very tender, soft and intimate, hinting at the longing to be with a loved one who cannot be there.  At times, the smile on Nelson’s face as he plays is almost like he is picturing this person and the good memories he has of them.

Then there’s a very fun video where they put on a concert for some older music lovers, playing music from Peanuts .  You can tell they had a blast making the video and everyone listening was enjoying themselves too.

The video that is currently on my “This-could-be-the-best” list is the live version of their Beethoven’s 5 Secrets.  To me, the song is about music itself, the art form, as the opening Beethoven quote speaks of.  It stirs up an appreciation for the beauty of the music, getting lost in the emotions that music draws out.  There are several things I love about this performance.  One is Nelson’s unashamed tears as he plays the song, immersing himself in the music.  The second is that they perform with a youth orchestra, showcasing the next generation of musicians.  To watch these young people play and to see them putting their skills on display is inspiring.

There are so many other videos that are well worth relaxing.  But for now, sit back and enjoy this video with me (well, I’ve already watched it about 4 times already, but who’s counting?)


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