Music Monday – Manifesto

I just recently came across a brand-new band called The City Harmonic.  Their website has a great description of their music:

When listening to The City Harmonic, you instinctively turn up the volume and join the chorus as the music dynamically bounces from sparse intimacy to soaring celebration and back again. It’s a musical metaphor for the band that plays it—with their feet in the dirt and their eyes toward the heavens.  It isn’t long before you find yourself singing along and not because you ought to, but because you want to.

Here is their song, Manifesto, a great declaration of belief in the Almighty, Triune God.  Amen!


One Response

  1. Point- We are the mother and father of this reality. To every single race on the planet EVERYTHING ON, IN, AROUND, BEYOND,etc. It is our soul duty to teach what comes naturally to our divine selves. Truth. But when we &#1te0;l22․ others control it,well, you are living the results today as you read this. No worries, we are moving forward, and we are starting to align again. Just keep those negative vibes away from the family. Hotep!

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