Great quote by Augustine

Certainly we can never give thanks to Him enough for the fact that we live, that we behold the heavens and earth, and that we possess the mind and reason by which we seek to know Him Who created all these things.  But more than this: when we were burdened and overwhelmed with sins, turned away from the contemplation of His light and blinded by the love of darkness, that is of iniquity, he did not wholly desert us.  Rather, He sent to us His own Word, Who is His only Son, so that, by His birth and suffering in the flesh which He assumed for our sakes, we might know how highly God prized man; and so that, love being shed abroad in our hearts through His Spirit, and all our trials being thereby overcome, we might come into eternal rest and the ineffable sweetness of contemplating Him.  What hearts, what tongues, can claim that they are sufficient to give thanks to Him for all this? (Augustine, City of God)

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