How many people does it take to save an unborn life?

From Justin Taylor:

Visit and you will see Lisa.  She represents one example of the community of Christians it takes some times to save even one mother and baby from abortion.  I met Lisa through the Core Center, our of Heartbeat affiliate in Sunbury, OH.  Listening to Lisa, I counted about 23 people who played a direct and significant role, in rescuing Lisa from despair, saving her baby from certain death, and being the answer to prayer for a young couple praying for the opportunity to adopt.  They include:

Four (4) from the pregnancy help center.

1-the phone consultant, trained to reassure Lisa that coming for pregnancy help, rather than turning to an abortionist to save her, is the right thing to do.

2- the pregnancy consultant that greeted Lisa, provided her a pregnancy test and did a case assessment (and in her case, the needs were extraordinary and immediate).

3- the nurse/sonographer who performed the ultrasound scan.  This enabled Lisa to see that the choice before her was not, “should I have a baby or not?” She could see that she had a baby.  The true choice before her was to nurture or kill the baby she had.

4- the Director, Melissa, who because of the immense and immediate needs Lisa had, including no place to stay that night, needed to get involved and make some calls.
Three (3) from a local church.

1- the pastor, who received the call from the Director, and swung his church into action; and

2- the gentleman who came forward, that the pastor knew and trusted, who offered her a safe room to stay in that night and over the following days.

3- the man in his church who owned some property, including an empty apartment, and offered it to her for free.

Twelve (12), the number of people from this church and probably others, who came forward over the next several weekends to repair, replace, paint, carpet, clean, and furnish this apartment for Lisa.  I may be underestimating this number.

Two (2) from Catholic Charities.

1- the amazing adoption counselor assigned to Lisa’s case, who with care and professionalism, assisted Lisa as she considered adoption, befriended her throughout the pregnancy and through the emotional ups and downs, led her through the process of reviewing, interviewing and selecting parents for her baby, and secured the legal work for it to be done right and fair to all.

2- the lawyer handling it all.

Two (2), the adopting parents.  A precious young, married Christian couple, who had been seeking a child for a number of years.  I saw them with Lisa, holding the baby, and sharing together the very gift of life and bonded by the powerful and special love that is inherent in adoption.

That makes 23 people directly involved in Lisa’s story.  Because I don’t know the number, I did not count those sisters who helped Lisa learn to pray and to trust in Christ, as she testified that night.  So there are more.

Lisa’s picture and story is on our home page of the new website found at


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