Blog Tour – I Love God’s Green Earth

Part of parenting is wanting to see your children grow in understanding, maturity and responsibility in how they deal not only with those around them but the things around them too.  We teach them to take care of their toys in order to get the longest life and enjoyment out of the toy.  The same is true for the world around us.  We want them to be responsible by not littering, helping to clean things up, etc.

In I Love God’s Green Earth, Michael & Caroline Carroll seek to teach about God’s creation and how to take care of it.  In 90 short “devotionals” they discuss things like how various parts of the earth work together, how natural disasters change the environment, how different sources of energy can be used, and concerns over animals that are facing extinction.  Each “devotion” includes a Scripture reference and application along with fun facts about nature, various activities that children can do and a few jokes thrown in for good measure.

The Carrolls do a great job of presenting various facts about Earth in a way that is simple and understandable to readers in the suggested 9-12 reading age.  They present many different aspects of taking care of Earth while not coming across as sounding environmentally “preachy.”  I especially appreciated the emphasis captured in the following paragraph:

“When some people do things for the environment, it is because they love the Earth.  This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not the whole story.  When Christians take care of God’s creation, we have an extra good reason: we do it out of love for our Father in heaven—the one ‘who made heaven and earth.’” (p.11)

The book seems to fit more into the category of daily science readings than “devotions” in the spiritual sense of the word.  While there are Scripture passages at the beginning of each reading and an application made, the applications often seem stretched beyond what the passage is saying.  But overall the book shows the importance of caring for the world around us all while giving great lessons in science.  I Love God’s Green Earth would make an excellent book to use for science lessons, especially for homeschooling families.

(Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for providing a review copy of this book.)


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