To have and to hold?

Ben has this little blue lovey blanket that my parents gave him when he was first born and he has slept with it almost every night since then.  Every night, I tuck him into bed, put his lovey beside him and cover him up.  Before I go to bed, I check on the kiddos and usually, Ben will be curled up with his lovey still nestled under his arm.  It’s very cute.

When I put him in bed Thursday night, he held up his lovey to me and said “Don’t want.”  Needless to say I was very surprised and more than a little skeptical not to mention rather saddened – he can’t be too old for this thing yet!!!  Up to this point, he has been adamant about having his lovey with him in bed.

“Are you sure you don’t want it?” I asked, holding it out to him.

“Don’t want,” he replied, then revealing his new bed partner said, “Cool car.”  Sure enough, he had a car in his hand which he proudly showed me.

Still rather skeptical, I said “I’ll just put your lovey down this end of the bed, okay?”

“Don’t want.”

It didn’t last long.  I had barely gotten to the door when Ben cries out plaintively, “Lovey!!!”  As it turned out he’s not quite ready to give up his sleeping companion.  I go back and place the lovey into his outstretched arms.  Satisfied, he lays down with his once-shunned friend.

“Night Papi.  Luv oo.”

“Love you too, Ben.  Good night.”

When I check on him later, he is sound asleep, lovey still tucked under his arm.


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