Book Review – Just Do Something

Searching for the will of God in your life can be a daunting task.  Trying to determine which car God would have you buy or where to go on vacation can be overwhelming, not to mention the stress of making sure you pick the right career path or marry the right person or be involved in the right ministry.  Make the wrong choice and you’ll forever be “out of the center of God’s will,” having to satisfy yourself with God’s second best.

Talk about intimidating.  At least, it is if you’re of the persuasion that God has a perfect plan for your life down to every minute detail of your life.  Thankfully, as Kevin DeYoung puts it in his book Just Do Something, God doesn’t care about these things.  With good doses of humor and wit, DeYoung argues that while God certainly does have a will for our lives, it does not involve leading us down a specific path for every decision we will ever face.

First, DeYoung points out that when we talk about the will of God, there are three different definitions we might be using.  The first is God’s will of decree, or what God has ordained will happen since the beginning of time.  God’s will of decree will surely come to pass and DeYoung notes that whatever happens was God’s will.  The second definition is God’s will of desire, or what God desires from His creatures.  These two have a solid Biblical basis for them and we would do well to heed them.  The third definition, God’s will of direction, is where DeYoung says we expect something that simply isn’t there.  “Does God have a secret will of direction that He expects us to figure out before we do anything? And the answer is no.” (p.24) The solution is to seek out and follow God’s will of desire and use wisdom, prayer and Godly counsel to make decisions.

DeYoung also spends time going over why we look for God’s will of direction and in what ways we try to find it.   Sometimes we seek God’s “perfect” will (of direction) out of love for Him and wanting to do what would please Him.  But more often than not, it is born out of an aversion to risk or simply an unwillingness to make a decision.  Or we use God’s will as a crunch for avoiding personal responsibility.  As DeYoung states, “Let’s not spiritualize our inability to make decisions in the quest to discover God’s will.”

Although quite small (which works to its advantage in making it simple & quick to read over again), Just Do Something is crammed full with very practical advice.  While the main target audience seems to be college age readers, there is much in the book that more mature readers will glean from.  Ultimately, if we are seeking to follow God’s will of desire as found in Scripture, we can have the freedom to make choices and, as the title suggests, just DO something.  I would highly recommend this book.

Adam Verner, the narrator for the audio version from ChristianAudio, did a great job of capturing DeYoung’s humor and sarcasm.  At times though, it felt that Verner was a little heavy on the snarky/sarcastic tone as well as coming across a little patronizing.  Overall though, Verner’s narration was good.

(Thanks to ChristianAudio for providing a review copy of this book.)


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