Wait and Worship

I’m currently reading Sacred Waiting, by David Timms and will hopefully have a review up within the next couple of weeks. But as I was reading, I came across this section and thought it well worth sharing. It’s lengthy but good. Below the quote, I’ve reposted a song I featured a few months ago by John Waller that fits perfectly with what Timms writes.

“As we read the laments and the honest cries of the psalmist, we realize that waiting on God is both universal and difficult. In the midst of life’s challenges—when enemies seem to prevail, when a child dies, when fear rushes at us, when we feel betrayed or abandoned, when we hurt others in ways we never intended—waiting on God feels almost impossible. The Lord can feel so distant and serving Him can feel pointless, especially when He remains silent. Yet David consistently turned again to the Lord and worshiped Him. When we experience pain and fear, surely He would jump to our aid, and quickly. Like a doting Father, surely He should even anticipate our hardships and intervene to prevent them. And when He fails to minimize our conflict or loss, it confuses or upsets us. At precisely such times, the psalms serve us well. They methodically turn our attention away from the circumstances of life that we see and turn us toward the reality of God’s Presence and provision. But the psalms also call us to lift our sights above the horizon of our circumstances. Rather than being absorbed by the trouble and threats around us, the psalms repeatedly enjoin us to wait on the Lord. They call us to lives of sacred waiting that become lives of worship….As we turn to the Father and ‘wait all the day’ [Psalm 25:5], we bring Him our sin, our sorrow, and our setbacks. And He affirms our salvation. Then we, like David, grow in hope.” [David Timms, Sacred Waiting]


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  1. Hey two comments in a row….must be a record. But I just wanted to say that this was a really good post 🙂 I love that song!


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