Crossway’s Trackback Thursday: Nine Marks of a Healthy Church

From Crossway:

What distinctively marks a really good church? Is it a large congregation? Plentiful parking? Engaging music?

Maybe you’ve read books on this topic before—but not like this one. First published in 2004, Nine Marks of a Healthy Church isn’t an instruction manual for church growth. It’s a pastor’s model for how to assess the health of your church using nine crucial qualities that are too often neglected.

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Sample Chapter 1 and view the Table of Contents:

1. Expositional Preaching

2. Biblical Theology

3. The Gospel

4. A Biblical Understanding of Conversion

5. A Biblical Understanding of Evangelism

6. A Biblical Understanding of Church Membership

7. Biblical Church Discipline

8. A Concern for Discipleship and Growth

9. Biblical Church Leadership

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