Valuing Life

[This is from Rev. Phil Holsinger, President/CEO of the Blue Ridge Women’s Center in Roanoke, VA.  If you are not an active supporter of your local Women’s Center, I would encourage to learn more about what you can do to support those on the front lines of the fight for life – ALL life.]

In a recent discussion with one of our staff members, I was reminded that we do more than just save babies here at Blue Ridge Women’s Center. Of course seeing a child given the opportunity to live a life that may have otherwise been abruptly ended by abortion is extremely valuable and worthwhile. But it is the woman who walks through the door that we direct our ministry toward. Her life is every bit as valuable and important as the one growing within her. That’s part of the reason we changed the name of this ministry a few years back. We are now known as Blue Ridge Women’s Center because we care deeply about women and their babies. We compassionately bring the truth of God’s love to every woman who calls, texts, e-mails or walks into this office. We do this because we know that God cares deeply about each of them as well.

It may come as a surprise to you, but somewhere between 25% and 30% of our clients have a negative pregnancy test result. Yet we direct a significant amount of our time and resources toward ministering to those women. If all we cared about was the baby, these clients would be quickly dismissed. Why do we spend the time, resources and energy? It’s simple, really—her life is precious and valuable. She is God’s creation and He desires the best for her. And in the vast majority of instances she is engaged in a lifestyle that will lead to significant problems emotionally, physically and spiritually in the future. She has made and is making decisions that will have bad outcomes.

This same philosophy of ministry applies to the women with positive tests who intend to continue their pregnancies, those with no intention to abort. We care about them, their lives today as well as the future. They too are precious in God’s sight and He cares deeply for them. It is a privilege for us to partner with God as He draws them closer to His truth and light. Like the women with negative tests, most of these clients have chosen lifestyles that have tragedy and heartbreak written all over them.

In addition to the women who intend to abort, are vulnerable to abortion, intend to carry, or have a negative test result, there are those who chose to abort a child in the past. This group of women and men hold a special place in my heart because they walk a path that I walked as well. The consequences of their decision are having a significant impact on their lives whether they realize it or not. But with God’s forgiveness, healing and restoration they can live in the peace He provides. Why? Because He cares deeply for them; they are also precious in His sight.

I have been in the Roanoke area for over 18 months now, and I assume there are people and organizations in our community that may care as deeply about women as we do, but I am convinced that none of them care more deeply than we do. And you are a part of that collective we. Without your support, encouragement and prayers we wouldn’t have the impact on the lives that have marked our 25 years of ministry.

Please keep us in your prayers daily, especially during these times of economic uncertainty. Now, more than at any time in my recollection, more women’s lives and the lives of their children hang in the balance. Our client visits are up and so are the number of women who are abortion-intended and abortion-vulnerable.

Additionally, please pray about your financial support of this ministry. The summer months are the slowest time of the year for us, and your gift now will help us make it through these late summer months. (Click here to make a gift online today.)

We are also planning for our 25th Anniversary Fundraising Banquet coming up October 15th at the Hotel Roanoke. We need more Table Hosts than we have in the past, and so we are asking all of our friends to find out how they can host a table as well as join us in this celebration. (Click here to find out the details.) I hope to see you there.

God’s Blessings,
Rev. Phil Holsinger (Coach), President/CEO


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