How do I know if my child is saved?

I’ve been working on getting the last few blog posts about the Worship God 09 Conference up and hopefully will have them posted in the next couple of days.  In the meantime, I came across this article on “How do I know if my child is saved?”  It is an excellent article and worth reading.  Here’s an excerpt:

Confession of Christ means just what the Bible continually points to. Confession, or faith in Christ, means that you believe that you are a grave sinner in need of a Saviour to save you. One must believe that their Saviour is found in Christ Jesus alone, on his works alone and that he rose from death, conquering our sin altogether. Can a child understand this fully? I would rather beg the question, “Can ANYONE understand this fully?” The depths of the cross and resurrection are so overwhelming that if anyone says they understand it, they are deceiving themselves. I would rather give the cross and resurrection liberally to the lost, including my children.

I will seek to see when my child is repentant and loves the cross more than his sin. My sons currently, at the ages of 6 and 3, know the facts of the cross, but are showing little signs of repentance. Although I see other signs in my kids that make my heart cry out in joy, I don’t see sons that desire forgiveness through the cross. They do not need to know all the facts of the Bible, they don’t need to know how to debate the substitutionary theory of the atonement or prove that Christ was born of a virgin. What they need to know though is that Christ died for them (which is in fact substitutionary) and that they will continually sin in this life, but forgiveness waits for those who are repentant. This doesn’t mean that they will desire to sin, but will desire to live for Jesus. This doesn’t mean that they will be sinless, but will know who to go to for forgiveness when they don’t share, fight, lie or call their siblings dumb.

As soon as I see this in my child’s life, I will baptize them and allow them to partake of the table. I pray that this life starts sooner than later, but I will not wait for my child to be close to sinless for this to happen, but will seek out sons who love Jesus and love that he did all the work and they are helpless without him.

HT: Fundamentally Reformed

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