WG09 – Thursday Morning

We had the privilege of being led in the worship music by Keith & Kristyn Getty.  If you are not familiar with their music, stop reading right now, go out and purchase their album.  They have rightly been considered modern day hymn writers.  As Piper pointed out later, there seems to have been a resurgence in God-honoring music being written lately, and the Gettys are leading the way.  They sang four songs from their new album and again, it was absolutely awesome to be surrounded by believers all lifting our voices to praise the wonders and glory of God.  One song, called By Faith, is based on Hebrews 11, the great “Hall of Faith” passage.

John Piper spoke again on worshiping God because of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This has been something I have greatly appreciated is that the focus has continually been on the glory of God through the gospel of Jesus.  Like looking at a cut diamond in the light, each session emphasizes a different aspect of the gospel, continually pointing back to the greatness of our God.

Piper’s topic was the Heart of Worship and the satisfaction we should find solely in God.  He contrasted the Old Testament worship laws where everything was about the externalities of worship – even down to the threads of the priests’ clothing.  But now in the New Testament, Jesus has fulfilled every part of those laws and we can come before God through Christ’s completed work on the cross.  In the transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament, there has been a massive migration from the externalities to the internalities, to the HEART.  AS Piper stated, “The New Testament is stunningly silent on the forms of worship” but has everything to say about the condition of the heart.

If I had to choose, I would say that the main takeaway from this session was that worship is not giving to God, but rather getting from God – getting the fullness of Christ and our response is simply gratefulness.  Piper used the illustration of the deer in Psalm 42:1 – “As the deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God.”  The deer doesn’t come to the water to give something back to the stream, but rather to be satisfied in the water.  So to we come to God to be satisfied in Him.


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