Lessons from the past

[I was looking through some old journal entries of mine and came across this one written on August 1, 2006]

On Saturday, Carlos (my 5-year old) was sitting with me on the couch while I gave Jeremiah (my 1-year old) some juice. Sarah was out shopping so this seemed like some good father-sons bonding time. Not sure what started him going on this subject, but Carlos wanted to talk about God. I told him a few things about God, thinking this would satisfy him. Then I asked, “Do you want to go play a game with me?” To my surprise, he props his legs up on the couch and in his broken English, says “No, I want you tell me ’bout God.” Then he just looks at me expectantly, waiting for me to spill the beans and tell him everything there is to know about God. Okay, I’ve just been more than a little humbled! I tried to explain as best I could in a way that a 5-year old could understand how God created us, how he knew everything, that he was holy, and that he loved us so much that, even when we “disobey de law” (as Carlos says), he didn’t punish us but punished Jesus instead, even though Jesus never disobeyed de law.

The next day, we went to church and for awhile before the service began, he was talking and asking me when we were going to “cantar” (sing). Every time he asked about singing, he would raise his hands in the air (yes, we do that at our church!). Since we’re trying to teach him not to do things simply because other people are, I asked him why he raised his hands when he sang. Again, in broken English, he quickly replies, “Because cuando (when) Carlos asi (like this), I want hug God” and makes a big hugging motion. That’s probably the simplest yet most profound answer I’ve ever heard from anyone on why they raise their hands, and I can’t claim to have taught him that!

One final story. Our church has been having VBS this week starting this past Sunday and the theme is “The King is Coming.” Each evening he has come back with something he made and wanting to recount his lesson (last night he came home with a paper snake illustrating the fall of man.) And each evening so far, he says “Maybe the King come tonight?” As much as I try to explain that only the King knows when the King is coming back, he doesn’t seem to get it. But every night, before he goes to sleep, he asks “Maybe the King come tonight?” and every morning he gets up, looks around and then tells me “Hmm, the King no come last night.” Then he quickly and excitedly adds, “Maybe the King come today?” Now here is a perfect example of how us mature Christians should be eagerly awaiting the coming of our King. I don’t know exactly how much Carlos understands, but he has provided countless object lessons for me in my Christian walk.

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  1. Wow! What child-like faith..thanks for sharing this.

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