Music Monday – Adiemus

Here’s something a little different. This song is called “Adiemus” by British composer Karl Jenkins. I’ll let Wikipedia explain the concept: “There are no lyrics as such: instead the vocalists sing syllables and ‘words’ invented by Jenkins. However, rather than creating musical interest from patterns of phonemes (as in scat singing, or in numerous classical and crossover compositions), the language of Adiemus is carefully stylized so as not to distract the listener’s attention from the pitch and timbre of the voice—for example, as in African languages, syllables ending in consonants are rare. The core concept of Adiemus is that the voice should be allowed to function as nothing more than an instrument….The word Adiemus itself resembles a Latin word meaning ‘We will draw near’, though incorrectly formed; Jenkins claims to have been unaware of this.”


One Response

  1. Althought it doesn’t sound much different from Enya or other New Age musicians, this song is pretty neat! I love the tune and the style. Thanks for sharing it.

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