Here, Mousy, Mousy

I feel like I’ve jumped into a Little House on the Prairie book.

“Pa had to go out and set the traps tonight, hoping to catch the varmints raiding Ma’s pantry. Bound and determined to catch them, he had 8 small traps scattered around the kitchen and basement. With its steely jaw and tightly wound spring, the trap was sure to give any little critter hungry for the good stuff a headache like no other. The good stuff was a fresh batch of creamy peanut butter, spread deliciously over the trap’s switch. After applying the peanut butter, Pa nervously and ever so carefully pulled the jaw back and set the bar thingy. His fingers still tingled from last year’s mouse trapping experience where the poorly made mouse trap had sprung on him. “That won’t be happening again,” Pa muttered under his breath. But that’s a story for another time, maybe when all the children are gathered around the evening fire.”

Edit/Update: This mouse is one cheeky rodent. I checked the traps again this evening – all just as I had left them. All except one. No, no mouse. But the deliciously creamy peanut butter was gone. And in its place, the mouse had left a calling card. Yup, mouse poop. As if to say (in a French accent) “Ha! Ha! I ‘ave foiled you ageen!” Why the mouse speaks French I have no idea, but anyway….

3 Responses

  1. What a hoot! Loved the picture, too!

  2. Oh I do so detest these beastly little rodents!! Sometimes I think country living is just not my cup o tea (said in a British accent :))

  3. Achtung, der mousen does no liken creamy peanut butter on zee trap. Col. Rat-en-bonken vud be most dizplezed. Ach, but you should try somezing vich a Frenchie mousen likes, schnell!

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