On the way home

I often look forward to driving Carlos home from Sparks on Wednesday evening because I never know what kind of conversations we’re going to have. It could be about God’s “snow button,” about Opa, or be simple blathering (which he is very good at!). The story in Sparks was about a boy who worked in a store, found some money and was honest in returning it to the rightful owner. Here’s how the conversation progressed:
Carlos: Have you ever worked in a store, Papi?
Me: Yes, I worked at a place called Office Depot while I was in college.
Carlos: Tell me about it
Me: I was the cashier, the person that people gave the money to when they wanted to buy something.
Carlos (evidently expecting an edge-of-your-seat tale): Then what happened?!
Me: I also helped people find things, like pens or paper. Sometimes, they would come in and say “Can you help me find some paper?” and I would show them.
Carlos: Oh……Why don’t you work in a store anymore?
Me: I work in an office now, on a computer and work with numbers.
Carlos: Oh okay. Kind of like this: “Hmm, that’s a zero, I think that should go at the end. That looks like a 7, that should go after the 6.”
Me (trying not to laugh): Yep, that’s about it.

After a (very) short pause, the conversation changed subjects:
Carlos: Where were you born? Were you born in mommy’s tummy?
Me: No, I was born in Nanny’s tummy.
Carlos: Oh, was I born in mommy’s tummy?
Me: No, you were born in Mama [B’s] tummy (his birthmother) just like Jeremiah was.
Carlos: Why isn’t Mama B my mommy?
Me: When Jeremiah was born, Mama B knew that even though she loved you so much, she couldn’t take the best care of you. So Mommy and I got to become your new Mama and Papa, and you will always be our son.
Carlos: Did Mama B really love me?
Me: I’m sure she loved you very much and Jeremiah too.
Carlos: Was Mama B nice?
Me: I don’t know, do you remember if she was nice?
Carlos: Yes, I think so. I remember riding in the front of a truck

And off the conversation went towards Carlos’ favorite topic of whether or not he was breaking the law. It’s times like these drives home that I know help to build our father-son relationship that hopefully will grow and build as he matures. And if nothing else, it breaks up a long drive home.


One Response

  1. OK now I want to hear about him thinking he is breaking the law!!

    Your Kids are too stinkin funny!!

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