More Satire!!

I like satire.

I like parody.

I like them even better when it’s Christian satire or parody. There’s something about pointing out our own idiosyncracies, stupidities, or other absurdness that is so often incredibly funny. It’s like a caricature – it takes little things/flaws, focuses on them, blows them way out of proportion and the end result is something that vaguely looks like the real thing, but in a much more comical way. Two excellent sites, in my humble opinion, are Larknews and the Wittenburg Door.

I am pleased to present to you a third site, which has quickly climbed to being one of my all-time favorites – With an encouragement to “think inside the box,” Thomas Slawson, with help from his brother, “Brother Slawson” and another fella called “Elder Eric,” regularly posts some incredibly funny satire poking fun at everything religious from Benny Hinn to Fred Phelps to Pensacola Christian College (and, hey, I’m all for THAT!). After taking the time to read all the archives (believe me, it’s worth it!), I can say that I haven’t read such creative, yet painfully funny satire in a long time – including stuff from the Door and Larknews.

Just to give you a taste, you’ll find articles such as “Child Named Judas ‘Not Iscariot’ to Help Clarify,” “Your Best Teeth Now!” (a la Joel Osteen), “Pastor Struggles with ‘Terrible Sermon Illustrations,'” and an article that addresses what we’ve all been wanting to say – why is everyone talking about Paris Hilton (complete with 8-part sermon series)?! They even have a few products like NetFinney, Arrr-mini-ohs (“a cereal you can freely choose!”), and The Puritan Message: John Owen in Contemporary Language

So go ahead and follow the link. You’ll not be disappointed.


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